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Full Council Support for Wicklow datacenre

The Ecologic Datacentre in Newtownmountkennedy is the only site in Ireland exclusively zoned for datacentre use and is now fully approved by Wicklow County Council and once appeals with the NRA are worked out the site will be fully enabled ie it will have full access to power, fibre and planning permission. For more information see file no 10/2123 (MO number 10567/10) on


Your Country Your Call highlights need for Datacentre Hub.

The national plan for developing the Irish Employment base is to develop a high-value, export-led, IT sector with companies creating the products and services of tomorrow. This belief in technology is further supported by looking at both the winning concepts for the Your Country Your Call competition.

This is particularly true in relation to the ‘The Data Island Strategy which sets out to build a world-beating entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem around digital services aimed at positioning Ireland at the forefront of its associated spin-off industries.

North Wicklow Technology Park, solely owned by Ecologic Datacentres Limited when fully developed will provide the resource necessary to realize these goals.


Heat can be used for Local Biodome Project

All heat produced as waste heat by North Wicklow Technology Park, the Ecologic Datacenter in Newtownmountkennedy, is planned to be utilised to heat planned local Biodomes and to supply neighbouring villages and businesses with a 24/7 district heating scheme. The North Wicklow Technology Park has been “reverse engineered” to consider the economies of scale in recovering the rejected energy before any data centre design was considered.

Our goal is to be CARBON NEGATIVE. With multiple clean inputs and the recycling of the waste heat for local commercial and residential use. When a mouse is clicked, instead of sending a bubble of carbon dioxide up to the atmosphere as with the common data centre designs, the Ecologic Facility will drag a small bubble of carbon dioxide back from the atmosphere.

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