When complete the Ecologic Newtownmountkennedy Campus will be the biggest datacentre in the World and enables the establishment of Ireland in forefront of the smart european economy with the development of the largest and most advanced facility in the World.

The national plan for developing the Irish Employment base is to develop a high-value, export-led, IT sector with companies creating the products and services of tomorrow.

This belief in technology is further supported by looking at both the winning concepts for the Your Country Your Call competition. This is particularly true in relation to the ‘The Data Island’ strategy which sets out to build a world-beating entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem around digital services aimed at positioning Ireland at the forefront of its associated spin-off industries.

Ecologic Datacentres when fully developed will provide the resource necessary to realize these goals.

The construction itself will involve a workforce close to 2,100 at peak and will create approximately 600 new jobs when completed.

The facility covers 1,100,000 square feet and will generate up to 150 megawatts of rejected energy to be re-used.This heat can be used to heat planned neighbouring biodome projects as well as a neighbouring organic farm and to cool a potential ski facility, previously planned for the location. This will create additional jobs in the construction area as well as long term employment in the horticultural, tourism & food production areas … all within the ‘Garden of Ireland’.


location map