The size of the facility with its economies of scale means that for the first time in Ireland a real and effective heat recovery initiative is viable.

The facility covers 1,100,000 square feet and will generate up to 150 megawatts of rejected energy to be re-used to heat planned local Biodomes and to supply neighbouring villages and businesses. Ecologic Datacentres will be powered where possible by clean power such as wind and wave energy sources. With the economies of scale, carbon neutral energy will be purchased on a scale of unequalled proportions in Data Centre Design throughout the World.

The location of this datacenter facility on the national grid enables the use of clean sources of energy such as wind and wave. Indeed, the Arklow Bank and the planned codlings offshore wind facilities are located close to the facility about 10 kilometers off the coast of Arklow. Utilising these sources of energy will greatly enhance Ireland’s ability to achieve the goals set within the Koyota agreement of 40% renewable by the year 2020

Ecologic Datacentres also make use of the low ambient air temperatures in Ireland. Mechanical cooling typically represents 25% of the power consumed in traditional data centres, however, uniquely in Ireland, the Ecologic Facility also recovers this 25%.

Unlike all of the other 13 existing datacentres in Ireland, the heat from the Ecologic facility will be re-used as heat energy for supplying homes and businesses.

The facility will not just be carbon neutral - our goal is to be CARBON NEGATIVE.

With multiple clean inputs and the recycling of the waste heat for local commercial and residential use. We believe that when a mouse is clicked, instead of sending a bubble of carbon dioxide up to the atmosphere as with the common data centre designs, the Ecologic Facility will bring a small bubble of carbon dioxide back from the atmosphere.


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